Distill ninety thousand words into a captivating synopsis. Go!

Have you ever read the dust cover of a novel and thought, “Oh WOW!  I need to get this!”

I have had that thought over the years, (My book collection is enormous.  Thank goodness for e-books.) but I couldn’t tell you one of them now.  I could probably go through my book collection, but would I still have that same AHA moment?  Maybe not.

So, this is my challenge, to come up with a blurb that gives people the AHA moment.  (And suddenly I have 80’s soft rock in my head.)  I have written three possible blurbs, and if you would, take a moment and peruse.  Then vote on your favorite.

I’d love to get your feedback!

Blurb 1

Two thousand years in the future finds humankind among the stars. Cultures have risen, fallen, and risen again, leaving each planet humanity colonizes inheriting a blend of beliefs. Nobles keep slaves on planet Kalix, while on gentle Caserne the law strictly forbids any human owning another, and education is valued above all. As the nobles pit themselves against the republic, a few brave souls take it upon themselves to free slaves via an Underground Railroad. Their plans crumble as they run into a trap, and must run with who they could save or be blasted from the stars. Now they’re about to make the long journey home, knowing that a dangerous enemy is stalking them through the void of space.

Blurb 2

Syrah Ceballos has a ship and a plan. All she needs now is a captain crazy enough to follow through. Aurora Osha thought she would never fly again after being drummed out of the Navy. Spearheading an Underground Railroad to rescue slaves from intolerable conditions isn’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it. Adding to the list of problems, Syrah has made powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to bring her liberators down in a shower of laser fire. Will her strange alien technology and Aurora’s leadership skills be enough to deliver their young slaves to freedom?

Blurb 3

No one accused The Corsican of being a pretty ship. The dray class starship was intended to haul heavy freight through space. Now it’s cargo is much more precious, freed slave children who are in need of a safe home. The Corsican’s holds have been put to good use, housing laser cannons and the extra power to fire them. Just because they’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone’s not out to get them. The ship’s owner has a mysterious past, and her enemies are ready to shoot her out of the sky, once and for all!


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