21st Century Digital Girl

Good morning, and welcome to the 21st Century!

I thought that when I finished my novel, that my job would be done.  What?  No!  It turns out, that my work is just beginning.  For starters, I had to get a blog.  For visibility, for versatility, for legitimacy.  For the ability to spread the word about my book, and build up excitement for it.

I have always thought Marketing to be fruit of the devil, but if you don’t tell people your book is out there, they don’t check it out.  Yes, I have a publisher for this sort of thing, but my publisher’s job is to tell the world that my book is out, and my job is to tell my friends.

Just at the coffee shop today, I got asked if I was going to have audio books available as well as e-books.  I had never considered it before, but it’s my husband’s favorite format.  There are tons of people who don’t read books, but listen to them as they drive, or work, or garden.  So, now it’s finding out what audio format audio books come in, etc.

It was a lot easier when I was just dreaming of being a writer.  And maybe that was what stopped me – the fear of success.  The fear that I would have to market, and research, and do things that take me away from my writing.

Looking at it that way, all of this is still better than not having gotten here yet.

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