Juggling Act

I’m almost through editing proofs for my novel to be made available in paper to the public. I’m super excited about this. I have people waiting in line for the damn thing. I had no idea what to expect, being new at this, but man, I am past ready to get those books out.

I’ve also learned a whole lot about what’s expected of an author. No one really tells you this when you start out, but when you are an author, you are a manufacturer of a product. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you have many products, but when you’re brand new, you have one item, and that’s what you make and sell. You have to sell the books in order to make money. Even if you aren’t in writing to make money, you want people to read your work, otherwise you’d be content to let your words languish in your hard drive.

It’s important to note that while all this is going on, I am also writing my second book. I am having title gridlock and have renamed the beast five times now, so I am not going to share my current title yet. I want to wait until I get a beta reader to brainstorm titles with me. I will say that it’s an Urban Fantasy, based out of Seattle, but not always in Seattle. I’m interested to see if I get better sales with Urban Fantasy than I do with Sci-Fi. I hope so, because Urban Fantasy is my favorite genre personally. On the other hand, I have about five books outlined in The Corsican’s world, whereas this current book is sort of a stand alone story.

I never used to consider these things. For better or for worse, I’m aiming to become an author, making her living off of her wordsmithing. I am driven to getting my career off the ground, and I’m enjoying the hell out of the ride.