The Deep End

I didn’t see the momentum building until the avalanche was upon me. I hardly wrote a word for the longest time, then in one year I wrote more than I’ve ever imagined I could. It all started with two phone calls – one from Heather G. in January, one from Christopher E. in March.

I spent so much of last year trying to learn everything about the writing process.. not the process of writing, which is relatively straightforward and involves you, a computer, and some serious creative time. The writing process includes such things as building an audience with a blog, setting up a Facebook page, getting a Twitter account, figuring out Good Reads and Amazon author pages, and a bewildering set of other things I haven’t ever heard of before.

I’ve done writing, editing, taken classes on editing and marketing, made friends with other up and coming authors who will certainly be more successful than I. I find myself in conflict. Marketing, as far as I’m concerned, is a damned dirty word. On the other hand, how else are you going to tell people, “Oh, by the way, I wrote this book and I think you’ll love it!”

I need to overcome my deep-seated distrust of marketing if I’m ever going to be successful as a writer. At first, it wasn’t about the money, but now it’s changing. It is about the money. Not for its own sake, however. Just as a means to make my living doing what I love. I want being an author to be my job. I want it to pay my bills. If I’m going to do that, I’m going to have to spend this year learning the part of my job that separates the authors from the writers.

I guess it’s true what they say. Pimpin’ ain’t easy.