info blast

I have been invited to do a guest post for Jennifer Brozek’s blog. It will be posted on Jan 28th to this site: here

I’m really excited about my next project. I’m putting together a newsletter. Mostly it will be a vehicle to send out free short stories written by me, but it will also be a forum to keep people informed with book release dates and humorous anecdotes about my son, the walking sound byte. If you would like to get in on this action, feel free!

I submitted my debut novel to a contest for debut novels. The winnings are 25k as a grant to speed a writer on their way to a full time career. Oddly, that is the number I came up with that I would need to get my career started. Let’s hope serendipitous contest is serendipitous.

My second novel is in full swing editing mode. I’m learning a lot about the process. My editor projects a six month turn around time. I’d like to have it done by then, so I can publish it within a year from my first book.

Starting February first, I have challenged myself to post a Tweet a day. I know that several people tweet multiple times a day, but I’m not one of them. So, I figure set the first challenge, achieve it, and then work on taking over the world of Twitter.

If this post seems disjointed and strange, blame my cold. I do.