Never Stop Learning

Recently, in my inherent insanity, I decided that Nanowrimo was the perfect excuse to get done what I’ve needed to do for months – buckle down and write. I have author friends who are for nano, and author friends who are against, but for me the challenge is to stop taking up every invitation. To be home, in front of my laptop instead of socializing.

It’s started several conversations, which also engage in learning. I am befriending a local writer girl who showed me a startling fact; she admitted to being an escapist writer, a pantser who wrote when her life was unhappy and she needed something to distract her. She said she looked forward to publishing so she could set her hobby down. Not long ago, I was that girl. Until I actually published, and got a taste of what lies beyond The End. Learning how to be a plotter. Writing come hell or high water. Having specific goals and using whatever motivational techniques it takes.

This has also forced me to curb my inner editor. I have already hit places in my story that I want to go back over and rewrite, to hit with the proverbial stick until the story comes out the shape I want. I can’t afford to do that this month. I can’t go backwards and clip and tidy as I go. The goal is to leave a wake of words that fills 100 pages or so of text. It’s not the time to be dainty. It’s the time to take your brain cells hostage and put them in sweat shops. It is quantity over quality, and that’s okay. There will be time to take that rough clay and transform it into a vase later.

Much like my blog posts, really.

That said, I’m taking a break from my legit word count, so I better get back to cranking that out. Best of luck to those of you participating in the yearly ritual of noveling!