Flash Drive – a teaser

Tracy reviewed the report on Abigeal from the handheld AIs screen. 97216-A noticed her yawn, but human affectations did not distort its operations. It waited with a computer’s patience as her owner scanned the report.

“BORING!” Tracy dropped her AI on the dorm room’s futon, waving her hand to dismiss the rest. “This is boring! Who cares about some medieval lady getting burned at the stake? She lost, hello! I don’t want to read this and have people think that I’m from a family of losers! You didn’t even say if she had a kid. How could I be part of her family if she died without making a kid? They didn’t have clone banks until 2291!” Tracy stamped her foot on the smoothed concrete floor and then winced as her enthusiasm sent a shock wave through her knee. “This is a disaster! You are the Worst. AI. Ever! I can’t even believe I bought you!”

With that, she stormed out, her proud bearing disrupted by the slight limp.

97216-A didn’t know how to respond. It had done what it could to bring Abigeal’s plight to life, only to create a negative response by her owner. How could it resolve the issue? It didn’t want to be the worst AI ever. What could it do to make the human happy? It needed to query. It wasn’t certain that this query fit the parameters of research. However, it was necessary to save the report and make the human happy again. 97216-A was so busy querying that it did not notice when the human returned with a hammer.

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