Author, Student, Mother, Zombie

This quarter kicked my ass.

I just took my first of two math finals – I felt like I was a xenocryptologist, trying to decipher an alien language I’d taken a Rosetta Stone course on a couple of years ago. I eventually felt memory begin to bubble up and supply me with required functions, but the test was geared to get you to use every basic function of the course, and we went through nine chapters in the course of the class.

I resent the math I’m taking because quite literally, this will be the only time I use it. I can assure you that from the time I used algebra in high school until I started using it in this class, I have never needed to formulate an equation a day in my life.

My economy class was a great class and a horrible class at the same time. I feel like I understand the underlying structures that make our nation’s economy. There were some good insights.

Unfortunately for me my econ teacher is less of a professor and more of a boss. He wanted to instill some ‘real world’ application to economy, as though economy has no application without his tying it to treating us like employees at a 12-week long onboarding session. Having been in the real world, I can say that I’m in college because I no longer wish to be treated like a factory worker, and the group assigned to me was abysmal.

They were all nice students, I liked them okay, but never have I been in such an “everybody solo!” situation. My grades suffered for it, too.

I am precariously hoping that I will get a high enough grade on these finals to pass the classes. These are not lofty goals; they are the goals of a survivor. I just want to lick my wounds and move on to my next class.

During this bout of difficulty, I managed to participate (and win!) Nanowrimo. I’m not sure how I pulled 50k out of thin air, but the bulk of my first draft of Typhon is written. I still probably have another 20-30k to grind, but that can wait, as I have short stories to submit.

I’m submitting to the No Shit, There I Was anthology. (A charming anthology of stories that all start with the line, “No shit, there I was.”) I really hope to hear back from them, I submitted a fun little short story there.

Then, I’m going to be submitting to Neoverse, just to see where I fall in the forum.

I have some magazines I’ll also be submitting to. My days are full of short stories right now.

They sure beat my finals.