Like Kudzu but More Prolific

At this point, it should be noted that writing has completely taken over my life. As this summer appeared, I had one goal – to work on my novel, Typhon Inc. I had all the best intentions, but while I wasn’t looking, an opportunity arose to write a short story for a gaming company that publishes my favorite game systems. I hurriedly dashed off a submission. I had written a short story for the lovely folks at Oriental Excess, a sequel to “The Gaijin and the Butterfly.” I titled it, “The Butterfly Stings.” I sent it off to them months ago but I haven’t heard a word since. There have been some rumors that they aren’t going to do a second round of books. It’s a shame, but no reason to waste a perfectly good story. I put “The Butterfly Stings” for sale on Amazon instead.

Meanwhile I have a short story coming due for Hot Mess 2 through Barely Salvageable Press, and I’m hard at work editing my story for the deadline. It’s a follow up to the Sanguinarian story that appears in the first Hot Mess compendium.

So, wait, didn’t I say that I should be working on Typhon Inc.?

You’re right, and I have. However, working on a novel isn’t like working on a short story. A short story can be churned out in a manner of days. Revisioning and editing aside, the sitting down and churning out a small story doesn’t demand the same amount of time. If short stories are sprints, then a novel is a marathon.

I’ve approached the book from a couple of angles, and to spare you the boring play-by-play, I have had to try completely new (to me) techniques to develop the novel. The good news is that there isn’t much lost by trying different styles on a novel. The bad news is that it is a time consuming process and it can’t be shortcut. I’m simply in for the long haul, to try to figure out what I’m doing from here.

I’ve never done a sequel before, and Bento Box was intended as a standalone, so the learning curve was steeper than I anticipated. There’s lots of the world to uncover, and I’m trying to keep the same fun tone that the first one sported, while giving the world more depth this time.

That, blended with taking care of my son for the summer and taking a class through my college so I can graduate on time has generated a large amount of time consumption. There’s no rest for the wicked here.

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