Tetris, author edition

Today was insane, and an excellent example of how my days run currently. It’s all a balancing act of school and home. I had a huge pile of homework and a huge pile of housework and then of course I had to play Legos with my son because kids need attention too. My car had to go to the shop and I rented a car for the first time in my life.

I took a test today, and I estimate a high ‘B’ but we’ll see what the prof says. I always prefer to do better than a B but with the day I had today, I think a B will be outstanding.

University is a lot harder than community college. Of course, I’m a junior now (OMG) and 300 level courses are supposed to be harder than 200 level. I’m just feeling the level up this time around.

It’s a challenge to find a time to work on my writing. Even though this is the end result, wanting to do that for the rest of my life, there are so many obstacles to getting it done. Working and moonlighting as an author was easier. The take-home work is insane at university. I spend a lot of time on it. I had to read a Shakespearean play, a chapter on phonology, and study for a test today.

What’s gratifying is that this work seems to be paying off. Allie, a friend and colleague, pointed out the difference between my prior work and what I’m doing now at the last writer’s group, and it was good to be acknowledged, and to see that these hours spent are hours that are worthwhile.

Of course, there’s always the blog itself, which keeps me from writing my novels. However, I enjoy writing up blog posts. They are much faster than crafting a novel, or even a short story. They can be dashed off, which is sometimes a necessary form of writing. They clear the mind for deeper work.

I have so much going on, that it is difficult to find time to do anything else. I feel lucky that I can find time here or there to talk to a friend on the phone, or maybe my parents. I am worried that I’ll burn out before I make it to the prize.

Balancing my schedule requires a finesse one expects from playing high-level Tetris. Every day I try to find a way to work on my writing, but sometimes one just has to accept that they’ve been given a long piece when they needed a square.