A Moment to Breathe

I’m so close to graduating now, but I have to get through the Summer, and I thought… if I waited for this huge milestone to arrive, I could go eight weeks without another post. This is my problem – milestones. It’s hard to recognize them, it’s hard to respect them when they show up. I’m not done with this quarter, after all. I have one horrendous final left, which is taking all my energy to not freak out about. I’ve been studying, which means I’ll do better than if I didn’t, but I’m struggling with the material, which isn’t usual for me. So yes, pretty much a freakout.
This quarter has gone well overall, all three of my professors have professed that they loved their classes and we were “one of their favorites.” I felt that it was earned; in the three classes I was taking, the students I interacted with were definitely sharp and engaged. I’ve had the luck of many good classes in my time at Western, but these were up there.
I’ve been doing this college thing for three years now, and the end goal is in sight. Summer quarter will only be six weeks long for me, and a side benefit of being online courses. They’re also classes in my minor and won’t be senior level, so summer could be less difficult than my last two quarters have been. I say could because I know if I don’t everything could go sideways on me. I do hope that this quarter is easy. I’m ready to be done and on to the next adventure.
June is already piling up as a busy time. My son’s birthday is late in the month, I had to coordinate his birthday party, which I am looking forward to. The downside is that it’s on Father’s Day, so I have to find a way to make sure my husband feels special too. My parents are coming into town for the occasion, which isn’t always possible, so that’s great. It also means summer vacation, which means a lot more time with my son. A friend of ours is also moving from Federal Way to Lynnwood, so I see more future trips to visit.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

I’ve been trying to slow things down a bit, but until the last final is taken, I feel that it’s just not going to slow down for me. I’ll have to keep ninjaing reports back as I can, and maybe some flash fiction this summer. I’m nothing if not ambitious.

unsplash-logoClark Tibbs

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