What a Difference a Day Makes

It has been one month and six days since my last day of class at Western.

And what a month it was! My parents drove from Wyoming to come see me walk. My girlfriend flew in from Arizona to see me walk. I started the process of finding work, which in the past has been a struggle. Having a bachelor’s degree changed a lot for me. I had 3 interviews inside of 30 days, as well as an interview offer that I declined and a pending interview offer that I didn’t accept because I got the job offer.

The interview that got me the job was a surprise. I was forwarded the business from another place I’d interviewed at. The interviewer emailed me and told me about this place and offered to be a reference for me. It was a great gesture that I wasn’t expecting. When I was invited to the interview, I was made to understand that it was just going to be a meet and greet, to see if my personality would fit into the business. Sometime during the interview, something changed and my interviewer got serious, asking me interview questions and then inviting me back to her office to fill out background check paperwork.

So, I ended up getting an offer for that job, which validates 3 years of hard work. The feeling of having a good job has been heady for me, and I haven’t even started yet. I’m starting tomorrow, and I’m really excited about it. I’m nervous, too, wondering what will be expected (I have the gist, but the reality is always slightly to the left of what gets advertised.) I’m sure everything is going to go well tomorrow, but how will it spool out? That’s yet to be seen.

I’m also getting back into the swing of writing, which was something I did for school but now am finally doing for myself again. I have to balance my two jobs with my busy life, but it’s all worth it. I loved school and it fills my heart with joy that finally after twenty years I got the degree I wanted. It’s a beautiful moment of success and I’m terrible at letting myself enjoy it before pushing on to the next thing. So I will take a moment to savor that I did the thing, that I spent 3 years doing what I loved, and that I learned so much.

Then tomorrow, I’ll start the next phase of my life.

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