Part of me is still trapped in August. I know, that is so long ago now, but graduation time was fraught with all kinds of out of state visitors, as well as in-laws and general well-wishers. My parents drove from Wyoming to be out to see me walk, and my best friend Amy flew from Arizona to support me. The well-wishing was a little overwhelming, to be honest, but looking back on it I couldn’t have appreciated it more.

Once I walked, though, that should have been it. I should have tra-la-la’d along with my day. And I did, to be fair. I went out and found a job, which I am getting used to. New jobs are in a class of their own. You don’t know what to do, you don’t know who to ask, and every question needs to be referred to at least one if not three people in the office.

Having a 9-5 job is what everyone attributes as ‘normal,’ but when you’ve been working a school schedule for 3 years, it is quite frankly the weirdest thing in the world.

Not to mention there’s been a lot of changes in the family while work is taking place. My son had oral surgery, got fitted for braces, and joined track. There’s been a lot of missed work and scheduling issues. Throw in routine issues like oil changes and a forgotten prescription refill and everything feels upside-down.

I have been doing some writing during all this tumultuousness. I was contracted to ghostwrite a novel, and I’m so glad I signed up for that. It was a risk – they were offering to pay for a 50k word novel, and gave me the parameters, but little else. They really liked what I turned in and want to work with me again. Ghostwriting is weird. You put your heart and soul into creating a thing, but then you hand it over to someone else and let them take credit for it. It’s almost like being bullied in high school, except my paycheck was worthwhile… and I have a book out there that was a risk, but someone else is taking on that risk. It’s like on the job training for writers.

When I look back on it, I have been working really hard lately. I always lose perspective when I’m in the middle of things. It’s been non-stop since I graduated. That’s just how I roll, most of the time. I have a friend who jokes that I burn my candle at 6 ends.

My personal philosophy is this. Life is short, do what you love.

The trick is doing what you love as much as possible, and trading as little of your life as possible in the meantime.


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