The Care and Feeding of Your Mad Genius

Today I was sick.

Yesterday I was sick too.

I don’t know what foul virus crawled into my guts and decided to frolic, but that doesn’t matter. It gave me time to sit and think, which led to me poking around on my laptop and figuring out something to do. To what did my wondering eyes did appear, but a story I haven’t worked on in over a year.

I started work on a vampire story, because everybody has a vampire story that they think is so much better than any other published vampire story there is. I too carry that conceit, but you never know until you write it and put it out, do you? Anyway, this vampire story came around about the same time I finished Typhon, and I was supposed to write the Orochi Group. I put the vampire story down in favor of the Orochi Group, and then my senior year of college started and I was too busy to do anything else for a while.

When college ended, I decided to power though Orochi Group and try to edit it. I workshopped it with my writing group, but no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get into it. So, I finally decided just to put it away for a while, in the trunk, so I can approach it later with a fresh mind. I thought making that decision would be an instant cure, but it took days and days for me to sit down with my work and get back to doing the project I enjoyed.

All of this is new land to me. I know how to write, but there is so much more to making a novel than writing. There is brainstorming and planning that takes place, project planning that requires outlining and strategizing. This is why there are so many people who say they think they could write a novel, but so few people who actually bother. There’s so much work involved then you’d ever give credit for just picking up a book and flipping through it.

The best part of today was when I decided to re-read the chapters that I’d written to write a synopsis of them for the new plot I’m starting to work out. I actually laughed out loud with delight, having forgotten the lines I’d put down over a year ago. I like this story, I like the voice that is coming through, and I like the potential the story has.

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