Tacos, Movies, and the Great Scarcity

Weekend snow days are kind of crap. We were planning to go to Vancouver and play for my husband’s birthday, but the weather shut things down and we didn’t want to get snowed in across the border.

Instead, I went to the little carniceria after work and bought lots and lots of dollar tacos and had friends over. We all watched the window awaiting the great snowpocalpyse, and people leaving after midnight saw a world as free of snow as it was when they arrived. So, our plans were derailed by weather, but we managed to punt.

Saturday the cold, blowing ass wind was enough to keep everybody indoors. I grew up in Wyoming, so sixty mile an hour gusts are not a big deal to me. However, when the wind is from the Fraser outflow, that’s a whole new level of cold. Those winds brought in a negative wind chill, and it is unpleasant.

Our poor neighbor managed to step outside onto his back patio in this weather and pull the door shut behind him. It was locked, and so was his front door, so we couldn’t rush in to save him. My husband acted quickly and got him a coat and a hat. Fortunately his girlfriend was already on her way home, so we didn’t have to take extreme measures to get him out. However, we did get him some hot coffee and keep checking on him until his girlfriend did make it home.

Instead we’ve kept up our spirits by playing complicated board games, watching movies we’re behind on, and eating well. Last night we had salmon that my husband fixed up with thyme, rosemary, butter, lemon, and garlic. It was outstanding.

We also spent time shopping, as the weather was cold but not snowy, so it was still okay to get around. I am a product of my childhood. Despite having several meals worth of food at home, we still went out shopping and picked up a ton of things. It’s the fear of lack, but when we went to Fred Meyer we could see huge bald spots in the produce section where vegetables were gone. It looked almost like when the power went out a few weeks ago and they couldn’t keep food in the freezers.

The next few days are promising more snow, and I’m not excited about it, but I’m not dreading it. If I get lost for things to do I’m sure there are a few house projects that I’ve been avoiding for a while. Or I could always catch up on my reading. And my writing, of course.

unsplash-logoDamian McCoig