New Digs

The keys are in our possession.

I have been waiting for this day for two months, and a long two months they have been. My new family has trouped through what was pretty demanding times, and we all seemed to come out of it closer, so that’s good.

In the next week I’ll be moving my stuff out of storage and out of Luke’s condo, and into my apartment. I have a room all to myself. It’s the first time in fifteen years that I’ve had one. I have been having fun picking out a few things to make it mine.

The place is nice. It has hardwood floors in the main areas, and carpeting in the bedrooms. It has 3, count them, 3 bathrooms. It has a spacious kitchen and a back patio for a grill and Keeley’s Christmas lights and full. size. washer and dryer. (Luxury!)

There’s space for five people to not trip all over each other.

We move in before the school year, and we’re close enough to Toby’s school that rides won’t be much of a bother. It will take some adjustment as it’s farther away from everyone’s respective work, but we’re just outside of town, so it’s not a dramatic change.

I imagine there’s nothing left to do but live there.

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