Valentine’s Bitch




I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Now, I’m sure a lot of people can’t believe that, what with me having such an awesome husband. And I do have an awesome husband. However, Luke is currently carving powder on Mount Baker, and I stayed home sick with a cold. He could have stayed home with me, but he chose to go instead. Now, I am not condemning his actions. I am not at Death’s door, and he’d been planning on going for some time. What I am saying is that love is not about a day. Luke doesn’t buy me flowers, but he puts Toby to bed every other night. He doesn’t get me cutsey stuffed animals, but he washes the dishes. He’s definitely the least romantic man I’ve ever had a relationship with. He’s also the best partner I’ve ever had in life. Valentine’s Day is all very good and well. I’m glad some relationships use it to inspire each other to dizzying heights of passion. On the other hand, I hope people who feel might feel despair on this day simply because they’re currently not “with” someone stop feeling rejected. The people who are celebrating their love are celebrating their personal relationship, and not your lack of one.

Every year I feel irritated because I see all the clever things people are doing for their lovers, and my husband just isn’t like that. Then I remember what he *is* like and I concede that 364 days a year, he doesn’t disappoint.