These are the titles I’m currently working on.  Note, most of these are working titles and may see updating prior to publication.

The Corsican – Published, available on Amazon.  Genre: Science Fiction.  A story of a ship full of men and women who liberate slaves by stealing them from their homes and bringing them to lands that don’t accept slavery as part of the human condition.

Bento Box – In Edits. Genre: Science Fiction. Nearly three hundred years into the future, the world has seen some significant changes. The most important of which are implants, which allow the wearer to access the Web with their thoughts. However, this modern day miracle has a dark edge to exploit. A group of Savvy have invented a  new kind of identity theft. Now it will take the efforts of a crazed vigelante and a reluctant criminal to take on the body thieves and stop them, all the while being hounded by a relentless detective.

The Gaijin and the Butterfly – a short story for the Tokyo Yakuza crowd, available on Amazon.

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